This game was created by Sergio Morales, the winner of 17KB JS Game Challenge. The challenge was an internal coding challenge only for Growth Acceleration Partners employees
The participants created a game using JS and HTML5 with total file limited to 17kb. This game is a variation of the 13kb challenge. Why? Because 17Kb is the next prime number after 13 of course

Aah! Pickpocket!

A 17kb game by Fireblend


This is a simple Javascript game developed using the Kontra micro-library, intended to be under 17kb when zipped.
The game is a tribute to asymmetric 2-player games, such as Spy Party.


1 player plays as the thief (keyboard) and another plays as the sheriff (mouse).

The thief's goal is to pickpocket 3 villagers. To pickpocket a villager, talk to them for 3 consecutive seconds (conversation happens automatically when close to a villager), and then press space, Q or E.
Hint: You can use the speech bubble animation to keep track of time: everytime it shows 3 dots, a second has elapsed!
The screen will go dark after each successful robbery to allow the thief to escape the scene of the crime, but the location will be visible!

The sheriff's goal is to identify the thief, and shoot them before they can accomplish their goal!