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Lunar Frenzy: A (Quick) Postmortem

Notice: This post was originally written last December for my Ludum Dare 25 submission.

Well, unfortunately (or not) I won’t be near a computer from now and until the end of the competition, forcing me to scale back my project. However, I’m still very proud of it, as it’s entirely playable, both through Flash and Android devices!

“After years of living under the shadow of puny planets, an oversized moon goes rogue, in a revenge-fueled trip across the universe with one goal only: smash all those planets into tiny little pieces. Will it succeed? Or will it fall to the many space-mines that litter the galaxy?”

The game was made with touch controls in mind, so I strongly suggest you play the Android version if you have the chance. All comments are extremely appreciated! And don’t forget to post your highscore!

Feel free to check it out, and greetings from Costa Rica!

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