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On reviving this blog, and game-making!

April 28 2012

So, about time I added something else to this, no? Unfortunately life and lazyness got in the way of me doing more posts for this blog aout a year ago, but now I’m determined to make this a regular scheduled thing and add news on my new projects, discoveries and thoughts more often. Anyway, I’ve been doing some interesting things lately, toying with Android, game-making and other fun stuff. The first I will talk about is my recent participation on Ludum Dare 23, an accelerated game-development competition in which participants have to create a game from scratch (which means assets, code, music, etc) in 48 hours. This happened last weekend, and my game, “Disregard All Humans”, is now available for everyone to play, and for other participants to review and rate.

The details of my project have been documented over at my development journal at Ludum Dare’s blog feed, however I’ll be reposting its last post (a postmortem on the whole experience) here shortly.

Disregard All Humans

For now, here’s my submission page, were you can download Windows, Mac OSX and Linux versions of the game, and as a bonus, I’ve created a web version (requires a WebGL-enabled browser) thanks to the absolutely wonderful Love2D-webplayer project. Check out whichever version you prefer, but do keep in mind the web version is lacking some features due to Love2D-Webplayer being a work in progress.

Finally, in accordance to the rules of the competition, my submission has its very own Github repo so that the code is there for all to see and reuse as they see fit. Feel free to look around, but do keep in mind it was made in 48 hours and I can’t guarantee its quality.


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