Sergio Morales E. archive gamedev cv [pdf]

An Introduction

July 19 2011

I’ve always avoided blogging, and everytime I’ve attempted to start again I eventually leave the whole idea behind and walk away from it.

Although I’m decently active on other mediums such as twitter, the lack of a space in which to post content that 140 characters aren’t enough to hold is missing from my life, and thus this blog is born.

As those who’re not used to seeing a Jekyll-powered blog will notice, this site is pretty minimalistic (this shouldn’t deter you from having a positive opinion on it though, as I’ll discuss on my next post), which actually enourages me to focus on actual content without having to handle comments (feel free to contact me on twitter if you must) and other features that end up creating a fairly overwhelming experience for someone who just wants a space to ramble.

Anyway, this blog will mainly focus on development-related topics (it is hosted on github, after all), and as a warning, it might contain a fair amount of content in spanish; not only because of it being my first language but because I might explore subjects for which english speakers might have no problem finding information about; a task spanish speakers might struggle with. I expect most people that read this space to be bilingual, however it isn’t wrong to hope for one’s contributions to be of more value and this is a way in which I hope to achieve that.

Finally, I also expect this to be a sort of personal site I can introduce myself with, where you can get a general idea of who I am, take a look at my cv and check out the kind of work I do and am passionate about, so hopefully that will also encourage me to add more content to its blog. You can expect more content in the coming weeks and months.

So welcome, and here’s hoping you come back soon.

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